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Do you require a minimum hourly rental?

Yes, due to the amount of time that goes into preparation for each run, we do stipulate a minimum rental to cover this. Our requirements vary per service, so whether you'd like to rent a limo, party bus, or executive vehicle, just give us a call for specifics.

Are we able to prolong our reservation while the event is in progress?

Yes! As long as your extended time doesn't interfere with another reservation, you may add as much time as you would like.

Are vehicles insured and safety inspected?

Absolutely, each vehicle passes a stringent periodical safety inspection to QVM standards. Each and every one of our vehicles is also insured and licensed to meet or exceed California State Department of Transportation specifications.

Is consumption of alcoholic beverages permitted in your vehicles?

Absolutely! Drinking is permitted to anyone above the legal drinking age.

What exactly do you mean that your prices are all encompassing?

That simply means that there are no hidden fees or charges. Everything that needs to be included in the price, is in there up front. No one enjoys bad surprises, so we do our best to insure that there are none.

Will we be able to contact our chauffeur?

When your chauffeur arrives at the pick-up point, they will provide an information card to insure that you have all of the pertinent contact information should you need to get in touch with them during the run.

If something comes up, are we able to cancel our reservation?

We do not under any circumstances allow for cancellations so please be 100% sure you need the vehicle for booking. If we hold a vehicle for you we are unable to provide service for someone else at that time.

Does the chauffeur know where to take me?

Every chauffeur is equipped with a GPS, so that any locations not disclosed at the time of reservation, will be accessible on an impromptu basis.

What if I leave something on the bus?

We are not responsible for your belongings, but if you think you left something give us a call and we can check our lost and found.

What time do you chauffeurs generally show up for a run?

Barring events beyond our control, your chauffeur will arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. In the very rare case that there is a delay, our customer service team will be able to answer any questions for you. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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